Sauvage art

Secret santas revealed!

The last of the gifts were posted today - thank you everyone for your hard work and I hope you all had fun!

I would like to thank becky_monster, bloopfish, and faeryqueen07 for filling in for the people who dropped out of the event. Thank you so much, everyone appreciates it!

Everyone may post their stories in whichever communities they wish and in their own journals.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Here is a list of who gifted for who. The links will take you to the original post; the posts are now edited to include the author/artist. Let me know if anything is incorrect!

#1 - undrheavenskies for chibifukurou

#2 - koushi for sobota

#3 - twilightthief for fairielore

#4 - nugacity for alostcorner

#5 - fairielore for johanirae

#6 - the_azure_blue for twilightthief

#7 - eclipse4815 for rosierolo

#8 - johanirae for gen_is_gone

#9 - zoi_no_miko for fabiennen

#10 - sketchofsoda for chibi_lurrel

#11 - chibifukurou for theeverdream

#12 - kirstenlouise for the_azure_blue

#13 - fabiennen for kirstenlouise

#14 - becky_monster for eclipse4815

#15 - Yanethyrael for undrheavenskies

#16 - faeryqueen07 for misschatelle

#17 - dragons_muse for sid_vicious_03

#18 - sobota for zoi_no_miko

#19 - sid_vicious_03 for kryptic_pear

#20 - chibi_lurrel for missy7280

#21 - alostcorner for faorism

#22 - jadestarboo for dragons_muse

#23 - misschatelle for coldthermistor

#24 - becky_monster for nugacity

#25 - rosierolo for becky_monster

#26 - bloopfish for jadestarboo

#27 - missy7280 for sketchofsoda

#28 - coldthermistor for koushi

#29 - faorism for Yanethyrael
Sauvage art

#28 - Tôi Kratistôi, for koushi

Title: Tôi Kratistôi
Recipient: koushi
Author: coldthermistor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Robert/Saito
Word count: 3038
Warnings: None that I can think of.
A/N: One section is has a prominent stylistic influence from Matthew Stover, as well as in phrasing. Thanks to M. for the beta, despite the mess. Tôi Kratistôi is supposedly spoken by Alexander the Great at his deathbed, meaning 'to the strongest.'

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Sauvage art

#24 - Four Dream Levels Ariadne Designed, for nugacity

Title – Four Dream Levels Ariadne Designed (And One She Didn’t)
Recipient - nugacity
Author - becky_monster
Rating – PG-13
Pairings – Eames/Yusuf and Arthur/Ariadne hinted at
Word count – 2133
Warnings – Zombies, meta, movies, angst
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but I do own the story.
Notes - If you’ve ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail remember the prince’s dad’s speech about building the castle... now substitute this fic for that castle. Oy;)

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